Welcome to a minor in Chinese, French, German, Italian Studies, Japanese, or Spanish!

Please click the link for the appropriate Minor Agreement Form below (based on the first initial of your last name).  This will initiate the power form and will ask you and your minor advisor to sign and date the form and will send it on for processing.

  • Ask your advisor questions about minor credit for coursework taken at another school. For Study Abroad, consult the minor advisor before your trip to ensure transferability of courses.
  • You must declare the minor before beginning upper division coursework towards the minor.
  • Each minor consists of 24-quarter units of coursework specified by the Department: a minimum of 12 units must be upper division. A minimum grade point average of 2.75 must be maintained.

You are responsible for monitoring progress towards your minor and having course substitutions approved by your minor advisor.

Contact your advisor in your major department to plan the best way to integrate your language minor into your major program. For additional information, consult the College of Liberal Arts Advising Center, 47-22B or call 756-6200.

For general university requirements, please see "Minors" in the Cal Poly Catalog

To declare a minor, please complete click the minor form link for the language of interest and fill in your information. That will initiate the minor form which will be sent to your advisor then onward for processing.


Visit the Chinese minor page for a description of the minor and course schedule. More information about the Chinese minor is available on the Cal Poly Catalog website.

  • Advisor: Dr. Sophia Chen
    Office: Bldg. 47, Rm 26
    Phone: 756-2865

Chinese Minor Form (catalog years 19-21)


More information about the French minor is available on the Cal Poly Catalog website. Click here for more information.

French Minor Form (catalog years 17-21) [Last Name A-M]

French Minor Form (catalog years 17-21) [Last Name N-Z]


Visit the German minor page for a description of the minor and course schedule. More information about the German minor is available on the Cal Poly Catalog website.

German Minor Form


More information about the Italian minor is available on the Cal Poly Catalog website.

  • Advisor: Teresianna Matarrese
    Office: Bldg. 52, E24 Cubicle H
    Phone: 756-2097

Italian Studies Minor Form 19-21


Beginning Fall 2022, students will be able to declare a minor in Japanese. Required Courses and Approved Electives are listed below. Any applicable courses students have taken, are taking now, or will take this year will count towards the minor as soon as they declare it. For more information, please contact both Junko Cleave ( and Dr. John Thompson (, copied on the same email.

Required Courses  
JPNS 103 Elementary Japanese III 1 4
JPNS 201 Intermediate Japanese I 4
JPNS 202 Intermediate Japanese II (currently WLC 202) 4
WLC 310 Humanities in World Cultures (Topic: Cultures of Japan) 4
Approved Electives  
Select from the following: 8

ARCH 320

Topics in Architectural History 2,3  

COMS 316

Intercultural Communication  

ES 322

Asian Americans in Popular Culture  

ES 340

Cultural Production and Ethnicity  

ES/WGS 351

Gender, Race, Class, Nation in Global Engineering, Technology & International Development  

ES 380

Critical Race Theory  

PHIL 362

Chinese and East Asian Philosophy  

RELS 301

Religions of Asia


More information about the Spanish minor is available on the Cal Poly Catalog website.

Spanish Minor Form (catalog years 17-21) [Last Name A-G]

Spanish Minor Form (catalog years 17-21) [Last Name H-M]

Spanish Minor Form (catalog years 17-21) [Last name N-S]

Spanish Minor Form (catalog 17-21) [Last Name T-Z]

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