Welcome to a minor in Chinese Studies, French, German, Italian Studies, or Spanish.

Please complete and sign the relevant Minor Agreement Form below and email it to minor advisor (based on the first initial of your last name) to review and sign.

  • Ask your advisor questions about minor credit for coursework taken at another school. For Study Abroad, consult the minor advisor before your trip to ensure transferability of courses.
  • You must declare the minor before beginning upper division coursework towards the minor.
  • Each minor consists of 24-quarter units of coursework specified by the Department: a minimum of 12 units must be upper division. A minimum grade point average of 2.75 must be maintained.

You are responsible for monitoring progress towards your minor and having course substitutions approved by your minor advisor.

Contact your advisor in your major department to plan the best way to integrate your language minor into your major program. For additional information, consult the College of Liberal Arts Advising Center, 47-22B or call 756-6200.

For general university requirements, please see "Minors" in the Cal Poly Catalog

To declare a minor, please complete the fillable minor form for the language of interest and email it to the advisor for processing.


More information about the Chinese minor is available on the Cal Poly Catalog website.


More information about the French minor is available on the Cal Poly Catalog website.  Click HERE for more information.


Visit the German minor page for a description of the minor and course schedule. More information about the German minor is available on the Cal Poly Catalog website.


More information about the Italian minor is available on the Cal Poly Catalog website.


More information about the Spanish minor is available on the Cal Poly Catalog website.

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