German Language and Cultures

Berlin, Schlossbrücke
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Herzlich Willkommen!

The German program at Cal Poly consists of language and cultural studies courses, a German minor, and several extra- and co-curricular activities, including major-specific exchanges with the Munich University of Applied Sciences, the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, and the Stuttgart Media University, as well as a wide variety of study and internship abroad options.

At Cal Poly, we offer three full years of German courses:

  • First-year German: German 101, German 102, German 103
  • Second-year German: German 201, German 202, German 233 
  • Upper-division courses: German 301, German 302, German 305, German 350, World Languages and Cultures 307 (German sub-topics), World Languages and Cultures 310 (German sub-topics) 

German Course Schedule

  Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter Summer Session

First Year

GER 101 GER 102 GER 103  
Second Year GER 201 GER 202 GER 233  
Upper Level  

GER 301/302, 350

(variable topics, repeatable)

GER 305, 350 

(variable topics, repeatable)

WLC 310

(Cultures of Germany)

Note: German course schedule is subject to change. Please contact Professor Anderson for advising.

Students who come to Cal Poly with limited or no experience in German should begin with German 101. All other students should contact Professor Anderson to discuss the appropriate placement. 

The German Minor

Students interested in pursuing the increasingly popular German Minor should also contact Professor Anderson. Students who study abroad in a German-speaking country have found fulfillment of the German Minor requirements to be quite manageable, as have students who remain in San Luis Obispo. The German Minor consists of three approved electives at the 300-level or above after completion of first- and second-year German.

Study Abroad

                                            Mozartdenkmal, Vienna

In addition to our major-specific exchanges, Cal Poly students can choose from several study abroad programs of various durations. The CSU year-long program in Tübingen is an excellent option for students interested primarily in German language and culture. Students interested in studying abroad for an academic quarter have had great success with the USAC program in Lüneburg. Visit the study abroad office or contact Professor Anderson to discuss the various options.

The German Conversation Table

Led by German-speaking faculty members at Cal Poly, anyone interested in speaking or listening to German is welcome to attend the bi-weekly German Conversation Table. For more information contact Dr. Angelica Browne

Student Showcase

Professor Gloria Velasquez Award for Poetic Activism 2017
                     The Professor Gloria Velasquez Award
                                          for Poetic Activism, 2017

Cal Poly students from nearly every college and major take German classes, pursue the German Minor, and study or complete an internship abroad in a German-speaking country. Recently, we awarded an alumna who majored in Modern Languages and Literatures (focusing on Spanish and German poetry) the Professor Gloria Velasquez Award for Poetic Activism.

Student Ventures

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Student Projects

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