Dr. Angelica Browne's German 202 Student Projects

Winter 2017

An example of an outstanding final video project created by intermediate-level German students in German 202, Winter 2017.

German 202 Cal Poly CLA "Our film is a continuation of the Star Wars series. In our imagination, this film is what could happen in the next episode of Star Wars. There are plot twists, dramatic moments and superb acting. We want to show the class that if you imagine it and want something to be real, you can make it so! We used everyone’s skills to benefit the project: Sam’s love of videogames, Nicole being a good actress, Max’s superb editing skills, and Anna’s amazing ability to turn a camera on and off.”  –  by Nicole Neumayr, Anna Cowan, Sam Miller and Max Sheets.

Krieg der Sterne. Ep. 8 (Star Wars. Episode 8)




Winter 2016

Two entertaining projects created by 202-level German students who were inspired by the German hip-hop.

Ger 202 Is mir egal…

In a burst of creative enthusiasm two Ger 202  groups had great fun writing and performing a catchy hip-hop song “Is mir egal...” [“I don’t care...”], a spontaneous work of Art driven by the sole purpose of having fun experimenting in German. Want to know what CalPoly students care and don’t about? Check out these videos.

Please watch the whole class performance here and Alex Saalberg's edition here.

Winter 2016 Final Projects 

For their final group project, students had a choice between designing an original game or creating a completely new business. Moreover, they designed and built a user-friendly, elegant and unique website to promote their game or enterprise.

“Check Point Charlie”

This is a game about understanding the hardships and obstacles that confronted the German people during and post-World War II. This is like an outdoor obstacle course testing -- depending on how good your German is -- if you can make it past the “checkpoints”

Play the game here.

“Mustang Marketer”

is a marketing consulting firm that helps American businesses successfully expand into foreign markets.

Learn more about this firm.


is a useful app for college students searching for available tables at popular study locations around town.

"Kalifornien Natürlich: Gemeinde der Ruhelosen"

This is a company that informs German-speaking tourists about excellent but little-known hiking trails in beautiful California.

Learn more. 


This is a fun drinking card-game designed to be played with friends at parties.

Learn more about the game. 

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