Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities


It's DDN time again! The date is Friday, April 26th from 1pm to 3pm. The Cal Poly help has been so appreciated over the years! Here are the times we could use help this year.


Turno 1/Shift 1 12:30-1:45 (Por favor llegue a las 12:15. Please arrive at 12:15 for check in)

Turno 2/Shift 2  1:45-3:00

Set up/decorate Friday 8am-10am

Set up Friday, 4/26/24 10-12 noon

Clean up Friday, 4/26/24 3pm-4pm

Email Dr. Muñoz-Christian ( to sign up


Volunteering opportunity in Italy for summer 2024

The opportunity consists in volunteering at a summer camp in Italy. The program is organized by the Dante Alighieri Society of Michigan in partnership with Lombardy Dioceses. It offers the opportunity to live in Italy while volunteering as a counselor at a church-run summer camp. The program offers free accommodation, the chance to perfect your Italian and a good experience to add to your résumé. Volunteers ages 18-25 can participate in a 3-week program (June 10-June 28). Former CP students participated to this program and talked very positively about it. You don't need to be Catholic to participate.


Are you interested in science and comfortable speaking Spanish? Join Aprender Haciendo (Learn by Doing Lab) with Dr. Nation and Dr. Yep this Winter! SCM 302 is a 2-unit credit/no credit class and our section meets Fridays 8am-12pm.  The course is designed to give Cal Poly students of any major experience teaching science in Spanish, without leaving the Cal Poly campus. You will quite literally *Learn by Doing* as you use standards-based inquiry-driven activities to introduce fundamental scientific concepts to visiting 4th-5th grade students.  No science background needed. Sé un modelo de científico para los niños (especialmente para los que hablan español como su primer idioma), practica tu español, y aprende términos científicos. iNo te preocupes si tu español no es “perfecto”, pero te tienen que gustar los niños!  Email Jasmine Nation with any questions or to request a permission code at



Pacheco classroom volunteers: Contact Dr. Muñoz-Christian,


VoluntarItaly 2024: Contact Teresiana Matarrese for more information,


Meddeas 3-month Volunteer Program in Spain

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