Dr. Angelica Browne's German 233 Student Projects

Fall 2016

The final project for German 233 literature course in the Fall 2016 required students to use the knowledge they have gained in the course and their own lived experience to produce an original, creative work, their very own Wortkunstwerk auf Deutsch (word-works of Art à la German) while working in a team. Below are some delightful examples.

Inspired by German myths and fairy tales, Sebastian Seibert von Fock (CSC) and Tobias Ziegler (PSY) created two wonderful animated features for Dr. Angelica Browne’s German Literature and Culture Class.

“Can one be such a good thief that even the authorities are too impressed to be angry with you? This is the remarkable tale of der Meisterdieb (The Master Thief).”

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König Lauren (King Laurin), a mediaeval story about King Laurin, the ruler of a thriving race of dwarves and his secret rose garden.

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“Schläfst du? Bist du dir sicher? Bei uns wachst du auf!” [Are you asleep? Are you sure? You’ll wake up!]

Was ist Dada? (What is Dada?) is a thought-provoking artistic magazine designed, drawn and created by Kristen Whalen (ANG), Jessie Fauria (GRC), Jose Quintero (ECON), Julian Trevizo (HIST) and Will Peischel (JOUR). The students wished “to encourage people to put in the extra effort to think critically about the world around them, to open their eyes, regardless of how daunting it may seem.”

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“Acceptance. Unity. Friendship. Two boys cross the boundaries of politics, family ties, and comfort to realize they aren’t as different as they seem.”

Die 3. Roten Handschuhe [The red mittens] is written, drawn and designed by Dina Alarian (EE), Kathleen Kalejian (BUS), Valerie Rose (BUS), and Evelyn Vasarhelyi (BUS). This is a story “of two boys growing up as friends in Germany. Their experiences are extremely different as one boy is a native German and the other is a Syrian refugee. The story represents unity across cultures.”  The students were inspired by the ethics and philosophical ideas behind the Humanist movement and wanted their project to be based on “the benevolent ideas towards one’s own fellow humans.” 

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“Eine Ukulele. Eine Stimme. Zwei Mittelmäßige Musiker machen ein Lied nach Stunden der Umarbeitung. [One ukulele. One voice. Two mediocre musicians make a song after hours of reworking it.]

Verflochtene Hände – Mittelmäßige Musiker [Interwined Hands – Mediocre Musicians] by Birch Gwynn (WLC) and Sarah Vandevert (CE). Fascinated by German love songs through the ages, such as Minneslieder and Balladen from the Romantic times, Gwynn and Sarah took an old idea the love song -- and made it modern. Moreover, they wanted to “inspire people to create art if they enjoy it, even if they don’t feel particularly artistically oriented."

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“Lawsuits, lasers, and the quest to counterfeit a master.”

Einen Meister zu imitieren: Imaginieren den Holzschnitt Druckprozess mit modernen Technologien [Imitating a Master: Imagining the Woodcut Printmaking Process with Modern Technologies] is an innovative and original project by Eric Dreischerf (ME) who explored the use of modern technology to reconnect with the old methods of creating Art via woodcut prints. Eric’s “inspiration comes from interest in the artwork of Albrecht Dürer and the complexity of the woodcutting process.” He hoped to share an appreciation and respect for the skill of the artists and craftsmen that used this medium to create their impressive and remarkable works. 

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Fall 2015


Das Bärenritterlied (The Song of the Bear Knight)

An early medieval epic poem by Laura Borovilos that was inspired by Das Niebelungenlied (Brunhilde) and pagan beliefs, this epic poem tells a story of a female bear knight. It is a feministic twist on themes from pre-Christian Germany. The poem communicates: independence can be lonely, but love can be worse.

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Die Geschichte von der Prinzessin und dem Drachen (The Story of the Princess and the Dragon)

A creative children's story of love and adventure with an unusual ending meant to inspire us all, by Lindsay Otto, Laura Tomlinson and Daniel Henry

Read the story here! 

Listen to the story here! 


Die Weite Reise von Assel und Elyas [The Journey of Elyas and Assel]

by Victoria Scherpel, Alina Schwenk-Mueller, Elina King and Tobias Bleisch

“Hexen, Magie, U-Boot Reise, tausende Kilometer und eine einzige Kette, das ist die Reise von Elyas und Assel“ [Witches, magic, traveling by boat for thousands of kilometers and a single chain – this is the journey of Elyas and Assel]

The poem tells a story of two Syrian children who lose their family and set out on their journey to Germany. The inspiration came from the first-hand accounts of Victoria’s father who has been working with Syrian refugees in Germany. We wanted our readers to think about the current situation in Europe and the hardships that refugees are going through. In addition, we wanted to communicate that the children’s perspective of the world is quite different from the adults’ perspective.

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Der Nachtfalter [The Peppered Moth]

A poem and a sculpture by Taylor Best, Alexander Esser and Colin Smith. A single case study that summarizes humanity’s interaction with the natural world over the past two hundred years.

The project is about the visible impact of humanity on nature.

It uses the case study of the peppered moth in Great Britain during the industrial revolution. It shows how the industrial revolution scale pollution affected the habitat and eventually the appearance of the peppered moth.

Read the poem here! 

Listen to the poem here! 

Winter 2014

Enjoy these five delightful short films written, filmed and acted by the students of German 233 Introduction to Literature Class, Winter 2014.  Explore genres ranging from fairy tales, to drama and comedy.


Heinrich, der Einsame Soldat [Heinrich the Lonely Soldier]

A powerful expressionist film, dramatically acted.

Watch the video on Youtube. 


Unerwartete Freundschaften [Unexpected Friendships]

A charming fairytale with an unexpected ending.

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Fahrgemeinschaft [Ride-sharing]

Wonderfully acted and professionally filmed commentary on our modern lifestyle.

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Poseidon [adapted from Kafka's short story]

Witty and original adaptation of Kafka’s brilliant piece of prose about the sea god Poseidon presented as a disgruntled manager and bureaucrat of the waters.

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Geistes und Seeles Suche nach der Erkenntnis [Spirit and Soul: The Search for Knowledge]

Funny and original allegory about twins’ search for truth.

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