Dr. Angelica Browne's German 201 Student Projects

Fall 2016

As their final projects for German 201, students designed and presented travel brochures/videos under a general heading "Ein etwas anderer Reiseführer durch deutschsprachige Länder" (A Somewhat Different Travel Guide through German-Speaking Countries). The topics covered the whole spectrum of German-speaking culture ranging from high Art and music to tasty traditional foods such as currywurst and Kartoffelsalat, from submarines to bridges, from Mozart and Beethoven to Berlin’s Berhain nightclub. Below are some highlights.

Ticket nach Berlin: Neunschweinstein (Ticket to Berlin: Castle Neunschweinstein)

a satirical video professionally filmed and acted out by Nicole Neumayr (FDSC),Maxwell Sheets (HIST), Bryce Fauble (AERO) and Tom Schalow (NUTR).

Please watch it on Youtube


Der Urlaub der romantischen Komponisten (The Romantic Composers’ Holiday)

by Sandy Serwin (WLC), Alexander Bisaillon (HIST) and Paul Michaels (HIST).” Read it here. 


Schönes Heidelberg (Beautiful Heidelberg)

by Laurel Kuehl (BUS), Julia Sargent (CE) and Max Reichardt (COMS)

Learn more about Beautiful Heidleberg! 



Die Größten Komponisten (The Greatest Composers)

by Ryan Hund (HIST) and Keaton Riordan (HIST)

Please watch it on Youtube


Versteckte Juwelen Deutschlands (Germany ’s Hidden Jewels)

by Amelia Crary (WLC), Lea Bruder (ENGL), and Ralph Battles (Professor of Business, Emeritus)

Learn more about these hidden jewels! 


Fall 2013


Sonnenstrahlen und Schatten:

Allerlei zum Leben und zur Liebe aus CalPoly

Sunbeams and Shadows: A Potpourri on Life and Love from CalPoly

“This video “Sunbeams and Shadows: A Potpourri on Life and Love from CalPoly” is a product of the creativity and imagination of our German 201 language course at CalPoly.  It highlights and contrasts the rich variety of German cultural expression, encompassing pathos and humor, tragedy and farce, love and the search for the meaning of life.  I recorded my students reading texts chosen by them as a part of their final oral examination in the Fall 2013. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Alex Thomas for his technical expertise in creating this video as well as his pertinent input in the editing process.”

Watch the video on Youtube. 


Deutschlernen mit Kochkunst: Spätzle

A creative presentation by Alex Thomas, Mandie Lincoln, and Natalie Schwebel for Intermediate German 201 at Cal Poly.

Watch the video on Youtube. 





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