Dr. Angelica Browne's German 103 Student Projects

Spring 2016

Three charming projects created by beginner-level German students who were inspired by the German fables read in German 103, Spring 2016.

Die Maus und die Katze (The Mouse and the Cat)

is an animated puppet show created by Eugene Chiang, (ME), Alec Boyer, D. (CPE) and Maxwell L Sheets, (HIS)


Der Egel, der Fuchs und die Mauer  (The hedgehog, the Fox and the Wall)

by Monique Geisen (JOUR) und Mica Shenkelberg (CHEM) is a fable about a Fox and a Hedgehog who learn that the grass is always greener on the other side. In the students’ own words: “We wrote this fable to demonstrate our mastery of the German language. The wall in the story is supposed to loosely represent the Berlin Wall and the field is supposed to represent East Germany where “all animals are equal but have nothing” and the woods are supposed to represent West Germany where “the animals have too many things and are greedy. We wanted students to learn comprehension, the way a child learns comprehension from reading children’s books.”

Read the fable! 


Arbeitsmappe für Kinder (Workbook for Kids)

designed and drawn by Kyla Grant (HIST) and Haley Cole (HIST) is a charming workbook with puzzles, jumbled sentences, labyrinths and reading comprehension assignments. The Ger 103 students greatly enjoyed completing this workbook during Finals Week.

Check out this fun work book! 

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