Placement Exam

placement exam

Online Placement Exam (French, Spanish)

The next placement exam will be announced here. Please check back periodically for next time and date. The exam is in 10-128 and payable $10 payable online.

This exam must be taken by any student wishing to enroll for the first time at Cal Poly in a Spanish or French course (except true beginners, who must enroll in 101) AND who do not have any previous Cal Poly coursework or transfer/AP credit for that language on their Poly Profile.  

Please note: 

  • Bring your EMPL ID# to the exam. 
  • Signup ahead of time is not necessary, just come to the exam at the scheduled time.
  • The lab capacity is 25 students; if the lab is full, you will have to wait for an open spot, so plan your time accordingly. 
  • The fee for the online placement exam is $10.00 payable online at the time of the exam by credit/debit card (not your Campus Express account).  
  • You CANNOT repeat the placement exam after having taken it until the next quarter.

For placement information in other languages, please contact the following instructors:

For further information, please contact our department office.

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