Christian Anderson

Associate Professor of German
German Minor Advisor


  • German cultural studies
  • German Bildungsroman
  • Consciousness studies

Contact Information

About Christian Anderson

Christian Anderson engages in a broad program of phenomenological research focused primarily on cultural production in, from, and about historical and contemporary German-speaking Europe. Dr. Anderson is also an energetic and dynamic language instructor, who enjoys teaching students to read, write, speak and sing in the beautiful and sublime German tongue.

Professor Anderson's current research projects explore representations of the limits of human consciousness and human potential. He recently published an article on the German Bildungsroman, and has presented conference papers on a variety of topics, including an analysis of the briefly empty space in which the Berliner Stadtschloss has been reconstructed. Dr. Anderson is also engaged with a basic exposition of the idea of a pataphysical realm, and a new project involving anthropotechnics and duende.



  • PhD German, University of California, Davis
  • MA German,  University of California, Davis
  • BA Philosophy, University of Maryland

Selected Publications

Graf von Anderson's College German Grammar and Culture. Routledge (2021)

"On the Essence of the German Bildungsroman Genre: Instructive Chronicles of Quests for the Aufhebung." International Journal of Literary Humanities, volume 18, issue 2 (2020) 

"The Emperor’s New Expressionism: Wilhelm II and the Modern Crisis." Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies, volume 9, issue 1 (2013) 

Selected Presentations

"Transcending the Frame: The German Bildungsroman as Zen Exercise" NeMLA, Baltimore, March 2017

"Reimagining the Revolution. From Mad Men to Transcendental Consumerism" Cultural Studies Association, Riverside, May 2015

"Berliner Kluft: Phenomenology of a Temporary Autonomous Zone" Spaces and Flows: Conference on Urban and ExtraUrban Studies, Amsterdam, November 2013 

"Greening Heinrich: Eco-consciousness in the German Bildungsroman" Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, Lexington, April 2010

"Pataphysical Discourse in Kyot's Parzival" German Studies Association, St. Paul, October 2008


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