Angelica Browne

Lecturer in German

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About Angelica Browne

Originally from Russia, Angelica has lived, studied and worked extensively in Europe and the USA. Dynamic, inspiring and creative, Dr. Angelica Browne has taught German, Russian and English at several elite universities including Cal Poly, Heidelberg University, Germany and elsewhere. At Cal Poly, she has been teaching Introduction to German Literature, Intermediate and Advanced German Language courses. 

Passionate about multiculturalism and multilingualism, Angelica creates a fun, challenging, and inclusive learning environment.  She inspires and motivates students to higher levels of performance in using and appreciating a foreign language by developing their global cultural awareness and practical foreign language skills. In her literature courses, she invites students to journey into their own lived experiences to become more aware of and intimately connect to the personal, cultural, and historical forces that go into creating works of Arts.


  • Ph.D., Brandeis University in Literary Studies
  • M.A. Illinois State University in Foreign Languages


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German 103

German 201

German 202

German 203

German 233

German 301

German 302

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