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Dynamic, inspiring and creative, Dr. Angelica Browne has taught German, Russian and English at several elite universities including Cal Poly, Brandeis and Heidelberg University, Germany. At Cal Poly, she is responsible for teaching German Literature, Culture and Language courses and a Cultures of Russia course. Born and raised in Russia, Angelica has lived, studied and worked extensively in Europe and the USA.

Passionate about multiculturalism and multilingualism, Angelica creates a fun, interactive, challenging, and inclusive learning environment. The ultimate goal of all her courses is that students enrich their personal and professional lives by expanding practical intercultural and communication skills. They build their self-confidence in speaking another language. While promoting curiosity about other cultures and lands, Angelica empowers students to reflect critically on their cultural assumptions and to appreciate different perspectives. Angelica’s talent is enabling students to grow intellectually and emotionally. She cultivates students’ creativity and encourages them to find their own voices. Her mission is to provide solid and clear explanations of how languages are structured and used while exposing them to literature, film and music. By studying remarkable examples from German, Russian and world literature of protagonists undertaking journeys to find their true selves, Angelica invites students to travel similar paths to discover themselves and their places in this world. This enchanting and fulfilling journey helps students gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of human interconnectedness.


  • Ph.D., Brandeis University in Literary Studies
  • M.A. Illinois State University in Foreign Languages
  • 2022: Certificate of Teacher of Russian as a Foreign Language, Moscow State University, Russian Language Center (MGU)
  • 2022: Certificate in Effective College Instruction, The Association of College and University Educator and the American Council on Education (ACUE)


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German 103

German 201

German 202

German 203

German 233

German 301

German 302

ISLA 310

WLC 310

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