Dr. Angelica Browne's ISLA 310 Student Projects

Spring 2017

Dr. Angelica Browne’s Culture of Russia (ISLA 310) Final Projects

Enjoy these fine examples of educational projects for Culture of Russia course, in which students created their websites and blogs discussing in detail one of the many facets that make up Russian culture:

A Taste of the Russian "Bread"Eration

ISLA 310 Cal Poly CLA

"Хлеб – всему голова: Bread is the head of everything, or bread is the staff of life. Pretty big praise for something that we throw to ducks. Learn how bread has impacted Russia throughout history, and why it is still so important today. We would like for people to realize the significance of everyday items; they can be central to a culture without even being thought about, and also they can be unifying between cultures. We also hope to inspire other students to try baking, or at least try new foods from other cultures." - by Laura Borovilos, Shayna Lee, Charlotte Crelly-Byers, Libby Sanders and Katherine Smith


ISLA 310 Cal Poly CLA

'Samizdat is a fascinating project revolving around underground publications from the Soviet era. Samizdat is Russian for “self-publishing,” or “we publish ourselves,” and are Russian publications done in secret - by Annie Vainshtein, Beaujena DeSilva, Sabrina Leung and Will Peischel




Russian Architecture

ISLA 310 Cal Poly CLA

Russian Architecture is “a detailed survey of Russia's ever-evolving architecture tracking structural changes as they coincide with changes in leadership and political ideology. Splitting into eras gives the website structure: religious, muscovite, imperial, post-revolution, and postwar to modernism.” – by Suhas Panthari, Oscar Hernandez, Jordan Pohl, Armando Vera, Daniel Dich-Dang


Sports in Russia

ISLA 310 Cal Poly CLA

“Russia loves sports, why not talk about it? Our final project consisted of each taking a topic within Sports and writing about the culture of that sport in Russia. Throughout this project we have all gained valuable insight into the sports culture in Russia! We hope that you enjoy the blogs that we have posted about a wider variety of sports in Russia. Enjoy!” -by Jared Amader, Jon Siegel, David Acosta, Dalton Dovolis, Austin Changras, and Thomas Leahey





Russian Pastries

ISLA 310 Cal Poly CLA

“Russian cuisine is intricate and full of history dating all the way back to the 10th century, although it was not until the 15th century that the cuisine really became diverse. Due to Russia's large geography it has many ethnic groups, each contributing their own traditional dishes. This website focuses on pastries and tea time desserts. On our website. you have the exciting opportunity to explore a few of our favorite dishes. We offer descriptions, blog posts, and recipes on medovik, sushki, pyraniki, pelmeni, and çäkçäk.” - by Abby Armer, Delanie Rocha, Elina King, Eric Oeth, Tommy Auer

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