Placement Exams

placement exam

Online Placement Exam (French, Spanish)

The next placement exams will be held Wednesday, January 17  2018 from 5:10-6:00 and Thursday, January 18 from 5:10-7:00 PM in 10-128.  Please check back for other dates. The exam is in 10-128 and $10 payable online.

This exam must be taken by any student wishing to enroll for the first time at Cal Poly in a Spanish or French course (except true beginners, who must enroll in 101) AND who do not have any previous Cal Poly coursework or transfer/AP credit for that language on their Poly Profile.  

Please note: 

  • Bring your EMPL ID# to the exam. 
  • Signup ahead of time is not necessary, just come to the exam at the scheduled time.
  • The lab capacity is 25 students; if the lab is full, you will have to wait for an open spot, so plan your time accordingly. 
  • The fee for the online placement exam is $10.00 payable online at the time of the exam by credit/debit card (not your Campus Express account).  
  • You CANNOT repeat the placement exam after having taken it until the next quarter.

For placement information in other languages, please contact the following instructors:

For further information, please contact our department office.

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