World Languages Club

World Languages Club

WLC Club  WLC Club


We invite Cal Poly students of all language skills and cultural backgrounds to join us in an open and embracing environment to celebrate the sparkling variety of cultures on our campus and around the world.

The World Languages Club (WLC) is affiliated with the World Languages and Cultures Department. It is a student organization established in 2018 by Cal Poly students and faculty who are passionate about multiculturalism and multilingualism.

The purpose of the World Languages Club is:

World Languages Club

  • To enrich the personal and professional lives of students through enhancing awareness of other cultural behaviors, motivations and mindsets.
  • To boost academic performance in the World Languages and Cultures department by providing a structured organization where students can learn, practice and expand their world languages skills outside of the classroom.
  • To support the World Languages and Cultures Department in their mission to promote Cal Poly as a diverse and attractive college welcoming a broad range of students across the USA and internationally.
  • To strengthen and expand Diversity and Inclusion programs at Cal Poly.
  • To raise awareness of the vital importance of studying different languages and cultures for the Cal Poly campus community.

WLC General Meetings: TBD for Winter 2021

To learn about upcoming WLC events, please contact:

Check us out on Instagram @wlcsloca

For more information about the club, please visit:

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Angelica Browne

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