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German Conversation Table

Sep 27, 2016

German Conversation Table flyer

Promote Multilingualism 

JOIN THE GERMAN CONVERSATION TABLE at Cal Poly to practice your German, learn more about German culture and meet new friends! Led by German-speaking faculty members at Cal Poly. Everyone interested in speaking German or just listening is welcome!

For more information contact: Dr. Angelica Browne at:, cell: 805-801-3214

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Debate, Spanish Language

Join the Spanish Language section of the Cal Poly Debate Team!

Sep 27, 2016

Do you want to join a Cal Poly tradition and practice your Spanish?  Join the Cal Poly Debate Team, this year, which is opening a Spanish language section.

Spanish Table at Cal Poly on Facebook!

Sep 27, 2016

Click here to check out the Spanish Table at Cal Poly through Facebook!

Cal Poly Students using French

May 10, 2016

Enjoy some videos that demonstrate student's ability to speak French!

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Rethinking Bilingualism: The Rise of the Heritage Speaker

May 3, 2016

The Modern Languages and Literatures Department is pleased to announce the upcoming visit of Julio Torres, Ph.D., Professor of Spanish Applied Linguistics, University of California, Irvine, and affiliate faculty at the National Heritage Language Resource Center at UCLA.

Dr. Angelica Browne’s German 301 Final Projects, Winter 2016

Mar 29, 2016

The assignment: develop an interactive, multimedia website that promotes a business-- an academy, a news magazine, a news channel, etc. -- while communicating to the world your take on current events, both global and personal i.e. your own Welt Aktuell.

Dr. Angelica Browne’s German 202 Final Projects, Winter 2016

Mar 29, 2016

For their final group project, students had a choice between designing an original game or creating a completely new business. Moreover, they designed and built a user-friendly, elegant and unique website to promote their game or enterprise.

Dr. Angelica Browne’s German 202 and German 301 Students Rapping in German, Winter 2016

Mar 29, 2016

In a burst of creative enthusiasm Ger 202 and Ger 301 students had great fun writing and performing a catchy hip-hop song “Is mir egal...” [“I don’t care...”], a spontaneous work of Art driven by the sole purpose of having fun experimenting in German. Want to know what CalPoly students care and don’t about? Check out these vids: 

SPAN 206: Spanish for Heritage Speakers (Spring 2016)

Mar 1, 2016

Spring Quarter 2016

Spanish 206 FlyerWorried about losing your Spanish?

Don’t! Make your Spanish even better!

German 233 Culture and Literature Class Final Art Projects (Fall 2015)

Jan 20, 2016

The final project for Ger 233 literature course during the Fall Quarter 2015 entitled "Unser Erstes Wortkunstwerk auf Deutsch" (literally “work of art in words in German”) required students to:


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