Brian Kennelly Attends the AP Annual Conference

If you have trouble seeing this video,
you can see Dr. Kennelly's remarks (33:14) YouTube

Brian Kennelly was invited by The College Board’s Senior Vice President, Trevor Packer, to give a plenary address to the entire AP community at the 2014 AP Annual Conference on 11 July.  

In his invitation to Kennelly, Packer writes:  “I am seeking a French professor who is a highly effective, engaging speaker who can explain and translate an AP French free-response question into terms a layperson can understand and get excited about.  My staff have indicated that they feel you would be the most effective voice in the country in explaining an AP French free-response question to a mass audience – and from the limited interactions you and I have had, I certainly support their recommendation.”  

The focus of the plenary session will be on this year’s key developments in the AP Program and on the role of higher education in AP.

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