Marisa Nelson (MLL Alum) presented on campus on May 22

Marisa spoke on the current state of California and federal law as they relate to same-sex couples' rights and estate planning. Between DOMA, Prop 8, marriage, and Registered Domestic Partnerships, this is a complicated and changing area of the law.  The two cases heard by the Supreme Court in March could change things yet again.  What can you do to better protect yourself and your family?  Knowing your rights and creating a plan are two things you can do to take back some control.  Nobody wants to think about tragic situations, but by informing yourself and planning for them now, you can give yourself peace of mind and simplify things for you and your family if you become ill or die.  Having a plan in place ensures that you get to make these choices, instead of a doctor or a judge, and lets your family know what your wishes are.  

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