Dr. Angelica Browne's German 301 Student Projects

Winter 2016

Check out the German 301 class presentation of a catchy hip-hop song. 

Ger 301 Is mir egal…

In a burst of creative enthusiasm Ger 301 students had great fun writing and performing a catchy hip-hop song “Is mir egal...” [“I don’t care...”], a spontaneous work of Art driven by the sole purpose of having fun experimenting in German. Want to know what CalPoly students care and don’t about? Check out the videos.

Please watch it on Youtube


Winter 2016 Final Projects

The assignment: develop an interactive, multimedia website that promotes a business-- an academy, a news magazine, a news channel, etc. -- while communicating to the world your take on current events, both global and personal i.e. your own Welt Aktuell.

Wissenreich Institut

His mission is to provide students of German a user-friendly website that offers them everything they need know to survive and succeed in the German language. This is a useful and practical source where students can access easy-to-read German articles, activities and methods to learn German quickly and painlessly.

Learn more about his mission. 

Freie Deutsche Zeitung

This is a university newspaper in German that focuses on Cal Poly student life, happenings at the university, and must-knows in the town of San Luis Obispo. The purpose of the Freie Deutsche Zeitung is to entertain and inform the German speaking students of Cal Poly.

Learn more about the university. 


This is a scholarship and foundation that promotes the Arts worldwide. It offers young artists the opportunity to promote their past and current works to a global audience.


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