Dr. Angelica Browne’s German 202 Final Projects, Winter 2016

For their final group project, students had a choice between designing an original game or creating a completely new business. Moreover, they designed and built a user-friendly, elegant and unique website to promote their game or enterprise.

German 202 students final projects are: 

  1. Check Point Charlie” is a game about understanding the hardships and obstacles that confronted the German people during and post-World War II. This is like an outdoor obstacle course testing -- depending on how good your German is -- if you can make it past the checkpoints:

  2. “Mustang Marketer” is a marketing consulting firm that helps American businesses successfully expand into foreign markets:

  3. “StudySpot” is a useful app for college students searching for available tables at popular study locations around town

  4. „Kalifornien Natürlich: Gemeinde der Ruhelosen“ is a company that informs German-speaking tourists about excellent but little-known hiking trails in beautiful California:

  5. “Schloss” is a fun drinking card-game designed to be played with friends at parties: 

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