Russian at Cal Poly

  • The WLC Department is now offering Russian Language and Culture courses. 
  • Russian I is offered in Fall, Russian II in Winter, Russian III in Spring (currently under WLC 290; in Academic Year 2023-24, WLC 101-102-103). 
  • Upon successful completion of the first-year Russian courses, students will: 
    • Develop their beginning proficiency equivalent to A1/A2 (CEFR) in listening, speaking, reading and writing through the study of Russian texts, songs, cartoons, films and popular culture.
    • Gain cultural understanding of a region which has nearly 200 different ethnic groups and nationalities. 
    • Explore Russia’s current crisis and complex history which has made major contributions to world culture across literature, visual art, music, theater, film, the sciences, philosophy and other areas.
  • For questions, please contact: Dr. Angelica Browne:
  • For Further Study of Russian: apply for a Department of State Critical Language scholarship in Russian or participate in a Russian Language and Area Studies Program (RLASP) offered by American Councils for International Education. 

Enroll in Russian Language and Culture Classes! 

Добрó пожáловать на курсы рýсского языкá

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