Vietnamese Conversation Table - Fall 2020

Xin chào! We are restarting the Vietnamese Language and Culture Group, also known as the Vietnamese conversation group, after a summer hiatus. The first is Friday, August 7 from 12-1 p.m. 

This is a multi-level, conversation-based, immersion, informal group and our activities are based on what participants are interested in. We have had participants who are true beginners, as well as those who can speak but want to improve, or those who can speak but cannot read, all the way to fluent speakers and international students from Việt Nam.  I have been developing a series of introductory lessons for beginners, and in the past we have used a textbook so there are those options as well. 

If you plan to join, please take our survey (anonymous) to give us a sense of what you may be interested in, here

Meetings will happen each Friday from 12-1 on Zoom, at this link:

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